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If you have problem hair such as:

  • Thinning hair
  • Frizzy hair
  • Slow hair growth
  • Unmanageable or coarse hair...then you definitely need to read this...

The ancient, 5,000-year-old secret to growing beautiful, long, healthy hair—no matter your age, the current condition or your hair, or your type of hair

Over 2,776 studies prove the awesome hair-growing power of these herbs will work for you, or you get every penny of your money back.

Discover how to grow longer, thicker, manageable, and more beautiful hair—all in just one application!

Wouldn't you love to have a glowing head of hair that would turn every person’s head for a long, admiring glance?

Wouldn’t you love to have hair that would freeze others in their tracks with envy?

Would you love hair that will drive individuals mad with passion, so they can’t help but slide their hands through your beautiful hair?

Then you need to read this short message!

Mira, a newly discovered ancient hair-growing formula, makes your hair grow 1-2 inches a month, rather than the usual .5 inches!

Plus, Mira ensures you’ll never have a bad hair day by stimulating the growth of strong, thick, silky hair that will make people notice you wherever you go!

Now, you can say goodbye to fine, limp, brittle hair forever and get thick, voluminous hair in just a few short weeks!

This hair oil does it all in a single 2-minute application.

Miracle Hair Oil of the Elite Beauties!

A Rare, Ancient Beauty Secret Can Now Be Yours! Risk-Free and 100% Guaranteed!

The best part?

It works with oily, dry or normal hair—whether you have wavy, kinky, straight, fine, thick, medium, permed, chemically-treated or curly hair!

It works for men as well and helps you keep the hair you have longer.

Discover the ancient hair-growing secrets of the South Brahmin women who have the longest, most beautiful hair in the world—even in scalding 110-degree heat and blasting 90% humidity!

Now, you too can use their hair care secrets to grow longer, silkier, thicker, and more manageable hair.

Plus: These secrets will stop dandruff dead in its tracks, soothe any itchiness of your scalp, stop premature graying hair and stop hair loss from breakages!

And, it even goes a step further, giving you soft, manageable, gorgeous hair and allowing you to instantly eliminate knots, split ends, and annoying flyaways without having to spend hours trying to fix your hair!

Shameless over promising?

Not at all! See what people who’ve used Mira Hair Oil™ are saying:

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Hi. My name is Eva.

I am a 46-year-old, single career woman.

I have a busy life, and I try to keep in shape by going to the gym 2-3 times a week and eating right, but a life-long frustration of mine has been my hair!

It seems I have the slowest growing and most unmanageable hair possible…

My hair is fine and straight, and it is a nightmare to do anything with it!

In fact, a few years ago, I felt my hair was thinning and falling out, and I could see signs of graying.

This scared the living day lights out of me!

I do not want to look old (at least not yet)…

...and talk about having knotty, tangled hair that would just not corporate even when I applied leave-in conditioner and hot oil on it!

It just drove me insane with frustration.

So, I went on a rampage trying to find a product that could actually help my hair.

My hairstylist recommended a few products on the market, but nothing really seemed to work.

Of the few that did work, the results were temporary at best, and disappeared the moment I stopped using the product.

I tried shampoos that said they would grow my hair. I used products like minoxidil (hair growth formulas), but they too did not work for me!

And to add insult to injury, I got a host of side effects including psoriasis, itchy scalp and I even began to lose my libido—certainly not worth the risk!

Adding to my thinning, unmanageable and graying hair, I always seemed to have bad hair days no matter what treatment I applied to my hair – my hair just refused to cooperate!

My hair was brittle, dry and unmanageable.

And it took me a hellish forty-five minutes (sometimes one and a half hours) to try to style my hair in the morning, only to have it do whatever it wanted in the end!

Talk about an extreme bad hair day! This constant struggle would completely mess my day up!

I Felt Ugly & Old

Men did not look at me like they used to.

I felt insecure, ashamed, and old, and my self-confidence fell so far down I preferred not to be social.

Man or woman, I am sure you can relate to this. I mean, how often have you had a bad hair day from hell?

  • It completely ruins your day.
  • You seem to hate the world.
  • You feel insecure.
  • You feel ugly.

It’s truly disgusting!

You feel people judge you because you don’t have good hair.

Maybe it’s too thin.

Maybe it shows your scalp.

Maybe you are balding.

Either way, it zaps away at your happiness and self confidence.

For me it drove me mad…

After a few years of trying everything out there, I was still left with fine, thinning, brittle, uncontrollable hair—even after I had spent quite a bit of money on products that did little for me.

In desperation, I quit seeing my hairstylist and resorted to tying my hair up in a bun. I tried desperately to hide my terrible hair.

I did that for 2 years!

And the more I did that, the worse my hair became.

I was beginning to look old, and it hit me hard one day when I came across a cousin I had not seen for awhile who asked me if I was sick—apparently because my hair had aged at least 10 years!

I lost it inside!

That was the last straw!

But I still did not know what to do until fortune smiled upon me!

Here’s How I Discovered The Secret To Longer, Thicker, Healthier, Shinier And More Manageable Hair

One hot July day while visiting India on a business trip, I stumbled across the south Brahmin women while visiting the “Hair Temple” on the hills of Tirupati in India.

These women are known in India for having the longest, most beautiful hair in the world! So much so, one of them was even nominated into the Guinness Book of World Records several times.

Their hair is so prized, it is cut and made into extensions, which are then used by celebrities to walk the red carpet.

It blew my mind when I found out how they were able to achieve this stunning, beautiful hair—even in the scalding 110 degree heat and 90% humidity!

It blew my mind even further when I found out that they did not use any commercial hair product on their hair.

Even the older south Brahmin women had ultra thick, silky, manageable hair without a hint of grey or thinning!

The Hair Growing Secrets of the South Brahmin Women Finally Revealed!

I am no scientist, but from experience as a woman, I would expect with that kind of hostile environment that women would automatically have frizzy, damaged and uncontrollable hair.

And we certainly wouldn’t expect to grow hair fast in those conditions.

But these women had hair that averaged an enviable 3-4 feet in length, with no split ends, no frizz, no knots, no graying, and no thinning –just ultra-smooth, shiny, flowing, silky , ageless-looking and thick hair.

They had hair so manageable and healthy; they never had to brush it for longer than 10 minutes!

They Had Truly Gorgeous, Heavenly Hair—Hair That You Die For

Hair that makes you look youthful and attractive and turns heads wherever you go.

What was their secret?

I went berserk; I had to know.

I wanted long, thick, youthful hair; I wanted silky hair, hair that did not age prematurely. I wanted hair as beautiful and gorgeous as theirs.

And now that I had found a potential secret, I went after it like a hungry shark on a feeding frenzy!

So, being the inquisitive person I was, I actually went to the village where it all began some 5,000 years ago—a small remote village, in a place so remote in the Southern part of India that there were no cars or even roads to get there. A great part of the journey was by foot.

But I was determined, and I researched and found the answer! I found out that the Indian medicine men had discovered a hair tonic that contained a very rare and powerful herbal oil and had preserved these findings in 5,000-year-old wooden parchments (that were housed in a 5,000-year-old temple).

It was a time proven science known as Ayurveda, and it was truly unbelievable what this magic hair oil could do!

Ayurveda has retained its 5,000-year-old history because the writings and teachings have often been written in palm leaves and other wooden parchments and passed from one generation to another.

Mira Hair Oil™ comes from a formula passed on those parchments - preserved and proven to work for thousands of years.

Here is how the Indian medicine men extract the herb the traditional way:

They go through the forest and brush to gather leaves and flowers of plants.

They are then measured according to the secret formula, and then boiled.

Each herb is chosen because it mixes and combines with the other herbs in the recipe, providing a powerful hair beautifying formula.

The preparation takes days, as some of the herbs have to sit for days before preparation. The herbs are then boiled in water , then in oil (yes, water and oil are mixed together) and mixed and then allowed to sit for days so that the phytochemicals can fuse together .

It was amazing to see these medicine men in action, but the oil they produced was even more amazing, in that it helps you…

Grow thicker, longer, ultra manageable hair super-fast!

Here’s Why It’s Never Too Late To Get Healthy Youthful, Long, Thick, And Beautiful Hair Back Again

Ayurveda is well-known among celebrities.

They are smart, they are beautiful, and they use Ayurveda as a tool to maintain their beauty and health...

These stars trust and use Ayurveda for well-being, beauty and great hair.

You too can get the same health benefits and great hair like they do.

Here’s just some of the famous people known to use the secrets of Ayurveda:

Here’s another thing you need to understand: your body is the perfect healing machine.

It can take care of itself, but only if you give it the nutrients and nurturing it needs.

The fact is, science tells us that hair grows 7 times faster than skin cells, no matter your age or hair type.

This means that if you nurture your hair with Mira Hair Oil™ and give your body the nutrition it needs, you can fix almost every hair problem you have, be it:

  1. Fine hair
  2. Hair loss
  3. Slow hair growth
  4. Bald spot at temple
  5. Frizzy, dry, coarse or unmanageable hair

You see, there is really no reason why you should have bad hair.

And, if you suffer from problem hair, you can get back beautiful, young, long, thick hair if you use Mira Hair Oil™—the secret used by the south Brahmin women.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem To Grow Hair No Matter How Hard You Try

You see, the hair on your head is dead!

What might surprise you is that at any one time your hair is under 3 stages of growth - the anagen, catagen and telogen phases.

The anagen phase is where all the growth of your hair takes place.

At any one time, with healthy hair, 88% of your hair is in the anagen phase.

However, if your hair is like mine, and like most other men and women, your hair is not growing anywhere close to the normal 88%.

In fact, you’re probably only experiencing about 20% of the natural hair growth you should be.

That’s why you can’t grow healthy, thicker and more manageable hair!

You see, the reason your hair is not in the anagen phase is due to four main issues.

First, you have an abundance of DHT in your scalp.

DHT is a male hormone that stops hair growth and causes hair loss by choking your hair follicles at the roots so they get thinner and eventually die and fall out.

Second, you don’t have the right circulation of blood to feed your growing hair follicles.

Third, your hair follicles are being plugged and clogged at the surface. Finally, you probably lack a protein called VEGF, which is a protein whose job is to grow healthy, thick hair.

Your shampoos might be killing your hair

You see, commercial drug store shampoos, hair care treatments, and conditioners contain a large concentration of petroleum and toxins that can build up on your scalp and clog your hair follicles.

The result is fast thinning and graying of your hair and hair that absolutely refuses to grow!

"You Are Using Hair Poison!"

Don't believe me?

Take a look at the label of any hair style product you have in your shower and ask yourself if you would ever eat it!

But that is exactly what you are doing when you use these chemical products; you are poisoning your scalp and blood by applying that garbage onto your hair and scalp!

But not with this magic hair oil I discovered!

It contains 100% natural ingredients (remember the herbs and plants are hand-picked from the wild) that have a time-tested, 5,000-year-old track record of growing more hair safely and naturally super-fast.

Fact: Indian women don’t use chemicals on their hair.

They don’t even use commercial shampoos.

They use herbs and oils to conditioner their hair.

You too can get hair like this if you stop using commercial hair products and start using herbs, hair oil and flowers on your hair.

Here is how this Amazing Mira Hair Oil™ works:

Mira hair oil seeps naturally and safely into your scalp, where it allows the phytochemicals of the herbs to do their work.

These herbs stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair root.

They help detoxify the scalp, exfoliate the pores of your scalp, keep the hair well-moisturized and stop the hair loss-causing hormone, DHT from being produced.

One of the herbs used in Mira Hair Oil™, called Asia sari radix, has been shown to boost the production of the protein VEGF, which has been clinically proven to both thicken hair and boost new hair growth, thereby allowing you to get super-fast and healthy hair growth.

No other hair care product does this safely, naturally or as quickly.

In fact, other well-known hair systems contain harmful chemical drugs and toxins that give you temporary hair growth, but at the cost of you later experiencing chronic and permanent hair loss, together with a host of other horrible side effects like birth defects, itchy scalp, scalp irritations and a loss of libido!

For you, this means healthier, thicker, younger looking hair. You can right now get rid of old looking, thinning, and lifeless, dull hair and get the hair you want and deserve.

It's Also Ideal for You if You Have Bad Hair Days Or Dull, Life-Less, Brittle, Knotty And Unmanageable Hair!

You’ll love what this miracle hair oil does to prevent you from ever having a bad hair day.

You see, conditioning agents and styling products can build up on the hair and eventually cause your hair to feel heavy and limp.

This causes the dreaded bad hair day!

The ingredients in this amazing hair oil remove this accumulation of toxic dirt and build up!

Plus, its ingredients have a low PH level, which allows the oil to neutralize any hard water you may use—making sure you never have a bad hair day ever again!

It does all that and more.

And we call this hair oil exactly what the women call it.


Mira is the name of an Indian princess that lived thousands of years ago—The Secret of Longer, Thicker and Flowing Hair

There is nothing quite like it out there.

In fact, this new discovery makes harmful hair growth formulas literally obsolete.

With Mira, everything is natural and from the land, and it has zero side effects!

Your Hair Will Not Only Look Great, It Will Smell Great All the Time –No Matter How Harsh the Environment

And the greatest part is that this herbal hair oil is natural, so there are no added artificial fragrances.

It is all natural and good for your skin and hair.

But Mira Hair Oil™ does more for your hair.

Just take a look at what a few of the 15 natural and powerful herbs will do for your hair!

I can’t possibly go through all of them, so I will just list a few.

All of these herbs have been shown by independent studies – a total of 2,776 studies—to benefit the hair.

Here’s just a few that were done by more recognizable institutions & publications:

  • Octimum oil – This natural oil has been shown to promote follicular proliferation and enhance normal hair growth. In the laboratory, octimum has regrown lost hair in cancer-induced rats.
  • Citrullus colocynthis -- In an animal study published in Natural Product Research, a petroleum ether extract of Citrullus colocynthis Schrad fruit was shown to promote growth of hair follicles just as effectively as the FDA-approved drug Finasteride, only without the side effects.
  • Ginkgo biloba -- Rich in antioxidants, ginkgo biloba increases blood flow to the hair follicles in the scalp, strengthening and stimulating the hair shaft.
  • Cuscutareflexa -- Inhibition of 5alpha-reductase activity by petroleum ether extract of Cuscutareflexa suggests that it may reverse androgen-induced alopecia by preventing conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – a hormone that causes hair loss.
  • Phyllanthus Emblica -- More commonly known as Amla, this plant enhances cell proliferation, heals scalp infection, prevents dandruff, and supports pro-collagen production. Amla is rich in vitamin C, tannins, phosphorous, iron, and calcium; these provide nutrition to hair.
  • Henna extract -- A hair growth stimulator, henna is also used to treat dandruff. According to an article in the Journal of Chemical Science, the leaves of Tridax procumbens are good hair growth promoters and can prevent hair from falling out. In a study published in Pharmacognosy Journal, two group of shaved lab rates were treated, one with an 8% hair oil made using hibiscus, henna, and other herbs, and the control group treated with 2% minoxidil. The study concluded that the 8% herbal preparation exhibited more potency on hair growth than the 2% minoxidil, without the side effects.
  • Eclipta Alba -- Also known as Bhringraj (which translates to “king of hair”), this plant was demonstrated in a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology to grow hair in lab mice. It can strengthen hair roots, control hair thinning, and prevent premature graying and alopecia.
  • Hibiscus -- Hibiscus contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B1, and riboflavin; these stimulate thicker hair growth and prevent premature graying. This plant extract boosts hair growth 6% faster than minoxidil -- with no side effects.
  • Trigonella -- In a 7.5% concentration, trigonella shows excellent hair growth activity when compared with a 2% minoxidil ethanolic solution, notes an article in the E-Journal of Chemistry. A study published in Pharmacognosy Journal found that an herbal formulation including trigonella “showed significant reduction in hair growth initiation time,” meaning it caused new hair to grow faster.
  • Asiasari Radix – A study with lab mice published in the Journal of Dermatological Science showed that Asiasari Radix was the most potent plant for stimulating hair growth, increasing protein synthesis within hair follicles. Asiasari Radix works by boosting VEGF, a protein that controls hair growth and follicle size.
  • Rosemary – This plant contains caffeic acid and rosemaric acid, two powerful antioxidants that can protect the hair and scalp from damaging free radicals and pollutants. A study published in the journal Archives of Dermatology reported on 86 individuals with alopecia areata, a disease in which people lose hair in patches. Those who massaged rosemary extract oil onto their scalps showed much greater hair regrowth vs. a control group not using rosemary.

And Mira Hair Oil™ is so easy to use!

All you have to do is take a few dabs and apply them onto your scalp and the roots of your hair.

You can either leave it on overnight or wear it throughout the day. Then simply wash your hair like you would normally.

There’s no hassle and no waiting period!

And if you have black hair, you can keep the oil on your scalp for 2 weeks--it will keep your hair well moisturized, prevent your hair from receding at the temple and make your hair super soft to style and touch.

You will instantly have thicker, bouncier and more manageable hair!

All it takes for maximum results is just one application 2-3 times a week! In as little as two weeks, you will start seeing your hair become longer, thicker, more manageable, healthier, and younger with more volume and body!

You will absolutely love your hair and the extra attention it will bring you!

"Plus You Will Get an Easy 2 Inches of Healthy, Natural Growth on Your Hair in As Little As 3 Weeks!"

The results for me in just 3 weeks: My hair loss and thinning stopped!

I gained 2.01 inches on my hair—that' s more growth than I experienced in the last 2 years!

I feel alive; I can finally wear my hair down.

I look good, I feel good, and I have great self-confidence.

I can try different hairstyles and cuts without fear because my hair grows quickly in case I don' t like the style. I have no need for hair extensions, and I even stopped using hairspray and hot oils because my hair is actually manageable.

It has more volume, more lift, more bounce, and it feels like silk!

I get comments from strangers and co-workers asking me:

"What do you do to your hair?“

“You have lovely hair, what’s your secret?”

And my new boyfriend says that he loves running his fingers through my hair (something that was impossible before without significant tangles and pain).

Even my hairstylist cannot believe his eyes; he wants to know my secret because he has never seen such a dramatic hair transformation in his entire 20-year career!

Mira has completely changed my life and I want to share it with you!

I realize that 60% of all men and women hate their hair.

You might be one of them.

Your hair is too short, too thin, too flat, too limp, too frizzy and too dry.

Well, all the frustration with your hair ends today with the amazing new Mira Hair Oil™!

Here' s What You Can Expect from Mira Oil in As Little As Two Weeks:

  • You’ll get longer, thicker and more voluminous hair that will get you noticed.

    (Even your family will notice how much thicker and longer your hair is!)
  • You’ll be able to wear any hairstyle you want…

    …because your hair grows at a super fast rate—1-2 inches a month--you can change your hairstyle as often as you want without fear or hesitation!

    No matter how fine or dry your hair is now, you will get the same superstar volume and shine that you get from a visit to a salon.

    Except this time it will be long lasting.

    People will ask, "What do you do to get such great looking hair?"

    Men and women will turn their heads and give you double takes to admire your new-found beautiful hair!
  • You’ll look years younger.

    Long, thick, vibrant hair makes you look years younger instantly!
  • You’ll look and feel sexy, and your self-confidence will skyrocket off the charts.

    Expect people at work to pay more attention to you and take you more seriously with your new-found self-confidence!
  • You’ll feel good and confident about yourself.

    The day goes smoother when your hair cooperates with you…
  • You will have hair that will never frizz or become brittle.
  • You will never have to struggle with your hair ever again; it will do exactly what you want!
  • You’ll no longer need to visit the salon to get "salon style" hair.

All you need to do is wash and dry your hair, and you can style it any way you want with ease!

And you don’t even have to take any financial risk to test this amazing hair oil!

It’s easy for you to try this newly discovered, 5,000-year-old, amazing new hair oil for yourself without risking a single dime of your money!

“You Can Try Mira Hair Oil Completely” Risk Free

Risk Free with My 60 Day Guarantee.

And why would you?

Just imagine how easy it will be to try different hairstyles without fear.

Imagine how much time you will save by being able to style your hair any way you want without experiencing a bad hair day ever again!

Imagine what it would feel like to get your youthful hair back again and do away with slow-growing and old hair?

Once you try it, you will want to secure an unlimited supply!

You Can Save Money By Using Mira Hair Oil™

Using Mira Hair Oil™ is the equivalent of using 10 different hair growth oils, pills and hair beauty products for far less money.

Mira Hair Oil™ will not only help stop hair loss, thinning hair and boost hair growth.

It is a hair beautifying treatment and acts as a detangler, hot oil treatment, leave -in conditioner and anti-frizz serum.

This means you do not need to buy multiple products when it does it all.

One product does it all, which leaves you with more money in your pockets, as you won’t have to spend money on hair loss-causing products that don’t work.

You are getting your hands on the most powerful natural hair care product around.

In one third-party independent clinical study titled, “A randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo -Controlled Comparative Study To Evaluate The Efficacy of Hair Oil In the management of Diffuse Hair Loss,” performed by Dr. T.K Sur of the department of pharmacology Institute of post graduate medical Education & research. Kolkata, west Bengal, India showed how Mira Hair Oil™ beat the pants out of competing products…

Reduces Hair Loss 75%

Recently Mira Hair Oil™ (see “A” in chart) was tested against two other herbal formulations (B and C in chart) in a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study to evaluate the effectiveness of hair oil in the management of hair loss.

The oils were tested on 192 adults, male and female, with diffuse hair loss, defined as losing 60 hairs or more daily. Researchers measured hair density, elasticity, strength, and fragility.

As the chart shows, the Mira Hair Oil™ formulation significantly outperformed the other hair oils tested in stimulating new hair growth.

Specifically, those subjects using Mira Hair Oil™ experienced 58% new hair growth after 8 weeks of use.

Also after 8 weeks of use, the Mira Hair Oil™ reduced hair loss by 75%, cut down on dandruff by 71%, alleviated itching by 98%, and increased moisture 133%, which can give hair a shinier and more lustrous look.

Here’s The Deal

Because of the rarity of these herbs, and because they cannot be mass-produced, we can only make Mira Hair Oil™ in batches of 500 units!

A unit is a single bottle.

We are not advertising in any magazines, or on the radio or television!

The only people who will find out about Mira Hair Oil™ are individuals like you!

So, if you are remotely interested in trying this amazing hair oil, you must order right now because 500 units won't last long!

The current batch is selling out, and when it' s out you will have to wait a month for the next batch!

A month wait time is not a guarantee either because Mira Hair Oil™ Club Members are serviced first out of the available units!

Here’s How To Order

For the fastest possible service, take out your credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex or Diners), click the "buy now" button below and complete your order on the next page.

That' s all there is to it!

As soon as your order is received, your Mira Hair Oil™ kit will be sent to you by USPS first-class mail!

The price of a 60 day supply is just $89.98 (plus $10 shipping and handling).

It is an absolute bargain when you consider how expensive hair treatments are!

60 days is plenty of time to try it out.

Remember, You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose With Our Money Back Guarantee If Mira Hair Oil™ Is Not For You!

Let' s face it, if you were to go to a salon right now and ask for all the rejuvenating effects that Mira can deliver, you could expect to spend at least $120, and the effects would only be temporary!

Even putting extensions on your hair will take hours and cost hundreds of dollars.

Mira is just $89.98 plus $10 shipping ($99.98), and after a single 2-minute application, you will instantly get healthier, bouncier, silkier and more manageable hair, which will be long lasting and 100% natural!

But There Is More…

If you are one of the first 500 to join the Mira Hair Oil™ Club, you will also receive a FREE, powerful, herbal shampoo used by the women to quickly achieve even healthier, more manageable hair after the use of Mira Hair Oil™.

Here’s Why You Should Never Use Commercial Shampoos

Commercial shampoos are cheaply priced, but contain dangerous chemical additives that wipe away the natural oils of your scalp.

The result is a host of scalp problems like dandruff, baldness and hair loss!

Commercial shampoos also dull the color of your hair and cause it to become thin, dry and brittle.

This herbal shampoo, used exclusively by the women, does not strip away natural oils; it actually fortifies and protects them.

And because the ingredients are all natural, there is no fear of chemical build up. You are guaranteed softer, longer, thicker, healthier hair no matter how many times you use it!

Stop using chemical products on your hair because you are killing it at the roots, which will cause it to become thin, brittle, and grey and eventually fall out!

You will never use another commercial shampoo ever again after using this amazing herbal, totally organic, shampoo!

This shampoo is sold separately at $39.99 for a 100 mL bottle. Yes, it is pricey, but that' s because the luxurious ingredients cannot be mass-produced.

If You’re One Of The First 500 Mira Hair Oil™ Club Members, You'll Receive A Bottle Absolutely FREE!

You get this amazing Mira shampoo for free, but only if you are among the first 500 to order! If you are customer number 501, you will not receive this special gift, so please act now!

Get a Free Hair Conditioner

But there is even more if you order Mira Hair Oil™ right now, I am going to give you our powerful conditioner as well.

What’s so special about our conditioner?

For one is an herbal conditioner that does not contain the harmful chemicals found in other conditioners, you see your “store bought” conditioner can actually be causing your hair problems.

Conditioners can be bad for you and may be leaving more than just a silky feeling. The chemicals used in these can cause some allergic and damaging reactions to your hair and scalp.

In creating our Neem herbal conditioner we used the least amount of chemicals and combined it with ample amounts of Neem herbal extract.

Why Neem? Neem is a powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial plant.

In fact, it is used safely to prevent dandruff, lice and it removes residues from the hair, which helps make your hair shinier and stronger.

Neem is also used to condition and soothe irritated scalps and may even at times soothe and improve psoriasis.

Other potential benefits of Neem extracts include the ability to combat thinning hair, premature graying, and hair loss.

Neem is great for the skin and scalp. It has also been used to soothe irritations, prevent dryness and flaking and helps nourish the scalp.

In fact, a 2008 study published in the E-Journal of Chemistry found Neem to provide similar hair growing results comparable to the popular over-the-counter anti-hair loss restoration drug minoxidil in one test ("E-Journal of Chemistry": Development and Evaluation of Herbal Formulations for Hair Growth; Purwal, et al; January 2008).

It's unclear why the Neem extract helped grow hair back but the authors suggested its antifungal and antibacterial properties may be major part of it.

By the way, the Neem plant has the most powerful anti-parasitic properties and has also been found to be one of nature's most potent insect repellents.

In short, it protects your scalp and hair from potential bacterial and fungal attacks.

This allows your hair pores to “breathe freely” allowing your hair to grow long and strong.

Finally, our Neem herbal conditioner for hair fortifies the keratin in your hair, makes it healthy and shiny delays premature graying.

Mira herbal conditioner is great for leaving the hair nourished and at the same time well moisturized which are both recipes for great looking hair.

The cost of our Neem conditioner is usually $39.99 plus $10 shipping, but if you order Mira Hair Oil™, I will send you a full 30-day supply for free.

That is a $49.99 value free. If you act now, you get the Mira Hair Oil™, conditioner and shampoo all for just $99.98.

This is a $99.98 gift to you free just for trying Mira Hair Oil™.

And if you decide for any reason to return Mira Hair Oil™, you get too keep both the shampoo and conditioner.

$99.98 Free Gift to You Just for Trying This Amazing New Hair Oil

That is a $99.98 dollar value, free if you act now.

Take charge of your beauty, your life, get the hair you deserve, look years younger by getting hair that will make an 18-year-old envious.

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You can end all this and get the hair you deserve now.

There is no excuse not to try Mira Hair Oil™, as you have a full 60 days to try it out and you get $99.98 of free product to keep if you do decide to return it –but you will be insane to return it when you see how this oil changes and beautifies your hair.

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P.S. Mira Hair Oil™ gives longer, silkier, more manageable hair to all hair types fine, curly, kinky—all without any corrosive effect.

P.S.S. Please don' t confuse Mira Hair Oil™ for hot oil!

Hot oils are hot, messy, corrosive, and can be harmful to your hair and scalp!

With Mira Hair Oil™, there is no heating required and each hair strand is softened, and its roots are rejuvenated!

It does not burn or damage your hair.

You can leave it on all day long, and it will give you hair that is manageable and frizz free. (This product prevents the women from getting frizzy hair even in the 140 degree heat!)

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P.S.S.S. As a special bonus, if you are one of the first 500 people to try Mira Hair Oil™ Risk Free, you will receive free membership into your preferred Customer Club where you will receive a $20 discount off every future bottle of Mira Hair Oil™.

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Trust me, after a week of using Mira Hair Oil™, you will not want to live a day without this hair care product.

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P.S.S.S.S. Mira Hair Oil™ makes use of herbs that can help accelerate hair growth. The herbs used in Mira Hair Oil™ can cause a natural increase in a protein called VEGF, which increases blood flow to the hair follicle an also increases the rate of cell division in the follicles.

Contrary to what you’ve read online, you can make hair grow faster.

This is done through cell division. Many studies on the hormone VEGF and the herb Asia sari radix have shown that it is indeed possible to stimulate faster hair growth through more cell division; further studies show that you can also increase the thickness of the hair follicle.

Cell division is accomplished at the cellular level, and the only way to do this effectively is topically, and that is why you need to use an oil like Mira Hair Oil™.

It contains herbs like Asia sari radix that will cause cell division.

Ingesting vitamins with the hope of causing cell division is not practical, as the nutrients have to be digested and broken down before making their way into the pituitary gland where they stimulate more VEGF production.

With a topical application like Mira Hair Oil™, cell division is more possible because the oil makes its way right to the hair follicle.

Remember if you want hair to grow faster it is all about cell division.


For it is cell division is responsible for boosting the hair growth cycle.

Your hair grows longer as the new hair cells divide and push the hair forward so your hair grows longer as the new hair is added at the root level of the hair follicle

All these herbs are found in Mira Hair Oil™.

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“ I put my reputation on the line that this powerful, ancient formula is the surest way to get rid of your hair problems…

…such as thinning hair, hair loss, breakages, coarse hair, and unmanageable hair and grow a healthy head of beautiful, thick, and youthful hair—

no matter how sparse your hair is, no matter how bad your hair is …even if you have tried everything and failed.”

Dr. Biswajit MD, BAM, PHd

“My bald spot is totally gone!”

"I have had dry, thinning hair for quite a while now. I was told that as I get older, I can only expect for this condition to get worse. I started experiencing baldness at the crown of my head. I’ve gone to dermatologists several times the past year to get shots in the bald area to stimulate hair growth. It didn’t work.

My friend told me about your Mira Hair Oil™ system. I was reluctant at first, but decided anything is worth a try. After using Mira Hair Oil™ for a week, I started getting compliments on my hair. It looked healthy, shiny, and much more manageable. After using it for a month, my hair started getting thicker! I don’t even have to get a perm to make it look wavy, like I had been doing.

I absolutely LOVE your Mira Hair Oil™ products. The shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean, while the conditioner softens my hair without leaving it greasy. I put the hair oil on my scalp twice a week, which leaves it feeling incredible. It looks naturally healthy. Everybody’s been asking what I’m using and where can they get it. The best news: My bald spot is totally gone! Thank you!”

– Iris S., Lawrenceville, GA

“My Hair Dresser Said I Have Been Cheating On Her”

“My hair dresser said I have been cheating on her. My hair is thicker, longer, and my color lasts longer—meaning fewer visits to the salon.

I said “yes, I have cheated on you,” and showed her my bottle of Mira.

She has since been using it to help her clients with thinning hair issues.”

Dorothy K., Cleveland, OH

“Miracle Growth In A Bottle”

I was terrified. I am 6 feet, 4 inches tall. I could grow my hair long and thick—then one day, boom, I started seeing a patch on my head.

I panicked and started using doctor-recommended pills and creams. Nothing happened.

Then, I was given Mira hair oil. I did not expect it to work, but it did, and it worked fast. I had alopecia. I used just Mira hair oil on it, and it has grown back.

I was embarrassed to go out. My wife used to use mascara on my alopecia spots. Now, I don't need to do this anymore, thanks to Mira hair oil.

This oil works, and works too well. It's scary that something works so well.

And for more accidental evidence that Mira works: I had half a bottle left and my ex-wife stole it from me , she was suffering from "see-through scalp."

In 2 weeks, her hair had begun to grow back, but she ran out of the oil—she lives in Lebanon. She is begging me for more—truly a miracle oil!

Jamil el Ahmed, Columbus, OH

“Growing Hair At Super-Fast Speeds”

“I must confess, I have to cut my hair every two months because I grow hair too fast using Mira hair oil. Otherwise, I would have hair to my waist. This oil has transformed my hair so fast, it has made it thicker, shinier, and younger looking. I am hooked to your oil.”

Jany Skentzos, North York, Ontario

“I was skeptical since tried so many other products and didn’t get any results.

For weeks, I was on my computer reading reviews. I ordered the oil. After my second use, I noticed that my hair was very soft and shiny.

I also noticed that my itchy scalp was no more, and that was a relief. Four weeks later, and my hair loss has stopped.

It is now two months since I started, and my hair has grown back in on the thinning areas. I couldn’t be happier—I am now very happy.

I tried Mira oil and now I can recommend it to anyone who has hair problems. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose.”

B. Mc Cay, West Palm Beach, FL

“I had a terrible haircut that made my already suffering hair worse. I needed to grow my hair fast.”

So, after much research, I ordered Mira hair oil. After my first use, my hair was much smoother. After 4 weeks, my hair had grown MUCH LONGER and looked much better.

It was much healthier. I love it. I leave it in overnight 2 times a week.

I would recommend Mira hair oil to anybody who has hair problems and wants to grow healthier longer hair again.

AJ Attaro, Sarasota, FL

“I absolutely LOVE your Mira Hair Oil™ products. The shampoo leaves my hair squeaky clean, while the conditioner softens my hair without leaving it greasy. I put the hair oil on my scalp twice a week, which leaves it feeling incredible. It looks naturally healthy.”

I don’t use anything else on my hair. No chemicals of any kind. No dyes! I’m 61-years old but most people think I’m in my 40s! I love it. You will too!

Update—in just 2 months of using Mira hair oil I have grown 2 inches of hair and my hair is shiner, easy to manage and soft to touch. My husband can’t help but run his fingers through my hair. Thank you so much for making this oil.

Rosie Baitie, New York City, NY

“Works Very Well For Black Hair”

“I used to relax my hair and it came with nasty side effects, like alopecia and a thinning crown.

My hair, although straight, would break uncontrollably. One day, I got fed up and I wanted to grow my natural hair back again. I searched high and low to find the right product to grow natural hair faster.

I used several oils, like almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil—in total there were 8 bottles of different hair products I used, and it took me an hour and half to “treat my hair.”

Despite all this time and effort, my hair growth results were nothing to speak of...

Then I found Mira hair oil. It had coconut oil, which moisturized my scalp and hair and prevented breakages.

Mira hair oil made my hair super soft and allowed me to style my hair better. But, most remarkable was the fact that this oil gave me super-fast hair growth.

With 15 different herbs in the oil, I no longer need to use all those different hair products. Mira hair oil has all the benefits of these oils I use plus hair growth herbs in it. Look at my hair how fast it has grown. In just 2 months, I have my hair back again. It has made me smile and has brought relief in my life.

I was stressed that I was losing my hair—but now, with Mira hair oil, I spend far less time on my hair and I no longer have thinning or breakages.”

Kim K., Nottinghamshire, OH

“Works For Men Too!”

“This is for men too. It amazes me how many men give up on their hair or allow themselves to lose it. I have always used Mira hair oil on my hair.

It is responsible for allowing me to keep my hair. My brothers are slowly losing their hair, but mine seems to grow year after year—even as I get older—and I have Mira hair oil to thank for this.

If you suffer from any hair problem, or would like to keep the hair you have, use Mira hair oil, as I do twice a week, and you will have hair that gets the attention of women.

It is simple to use. I apply it to my scalp 30 minutes before my shower, then I shampoo.

That is my secret to growing a thick, full head of hair.”

Mourab Maraby, Toronto, Canada

How To Get Rid Of “Old Hair” Forever!

“I have been using Mira hair oil twice a week for many years, and I have youthful hair. Strangers think I am in my late 40s, but I am 67 years young.

I have seen cousins and my brothers grow grey hair as they aged, and they look far older than I do.

The only thing I do that they don’t is use this hair formula. I recommend everyone use this special formula.”

Marwan Ahmed, Tripoli, Lebanon

“Half an inch of hair growth monthly”

“I purchased the Mira Hair Oil because I have brittle bleached blonde hair that was breaking off at the touch”.

“With the use of Mira Hair Oil every other day, it has made my hair stronger, shinier, and silkier to the touch.

“Mira Hair Oil has restored my natural wave and body. This oil has helped me feel better about myself and my hair. I feel less insecure about leaving the house now since using the Mira Hair Oil. This is a natural product designed to add life and luster to hair that is over-processed; it has helped my scalp heal from the harsh bleaching process.”

Stephanie continues: “With daily massaging to the scalp, Mira Hair Oil has stimulated my hair follicles to grow. I was averaging ¼ of an inch hair growth each month. Now, after using Mira Hair Oil, I am at half an inch each month. That is double the growth.

“I used Mira Hair Oil every other day by massaging it into my scalp starting from the bottom and moving up towards my temples. Then, I run Mira Oil through the ends. I noticed a change within the first week. My hair shed less and started to get stronger. The end result is that it is silky and shiny.”

Stephanie White, Wasilla, AK

“All my hair problems stopped”

“Mira Hair Oil is really amazing.

From the very first time I started using it, my hair texture changed; it is very soft, manageable, and my curls are beautifully defined. I have used it 2 to 3 times a week for the past 4 months and all my hair problems stopped. My scalp is very clean and healthy, and there is a lot of baby hair.

Recently I went to see my hair dresser and she was amazed at how much baby hair I have; she was very impressed with the texture and shine. Thank you so much for this amazing product. I believe in natural products and simply love Mira Hair Oil!”

Rosie King, Encino, CA

“Hair growth in a month”

“I was desperate for something that was going to make my hair long, thick, and healthy.” says Melanie Mitchell.

“I started using Mira Hair Oil every other night, rubbing it into my hair, massaging the scalp for 10 minutes before bed.

I’ve only been using Mira Hair Oil for a month but I’ve already seen hair growth.

I used to have dry hair and a dry scalp, and since using Mira Hair Oil my hair has been soft and shiny, and also my scalp has been dandruff and itch-free.”

“My hair stopped falling out”

“I have had serious hair loss for about 3 years, and have spent lots of money on products that have been no good,” explains Lladira Garcia, Crescent City, FL.

“Then I purchased Mira Hair Oil and was happy for the first time. Within 2 weeks, my hair stopped falling out, and I was overjoyed to see that there was no hair left on the brush.

Now I have long nails, nice skin, thick hair, and I feel great!”

“Put almost 3 inches of hair on my head”

“A few months ago, my hair started to fall out and refused to grow. I was so scared that when I saw your ad, I jumped on the offer. After all, with your money-back guarantee, I had nothing to lose.

In just 3 months using Mira Hair Oil, I have put over 2.8 inches of hair on my head.

My hair is long and heavy, and has stopped prematurely graying. I don’t know what I would have done without Mira Oil.” says Brenda Willis, Leigh Acres, FL

“New growth in thinning areas”

“Like a lot of people, I was looking for something to get my thin and fragile hair to grow and be restored, but of course I tried a lot of different hair growth remedies and had no good results.”writes Linda Truesdale, Huntersville, NC.

“The first day I received Mira Hair Oil, I oiled my scalp and hair, and over the next couple of days my hair felt so silky and nourished. It has been 2 weeks now, and my hair is looking fabulous and growing in my thin areas, like my crown which was thinning badly. I recommend this oil to all who want great-looking hair.”

“My hair is not falling out any more”

“I have been using Mira Hair Oil for a month now, and what a big difference it has made.” raves Gwen

“My hair is so soft and shiny. It is also much more manageable and healthy looking. My hair has grown one inch and has not fallen out any more. Mira Hair Oil has given me hair that I’m happy with!”

“1.5 inches of new growth in 4 weeks”

“After using Mira Hair Oil, I can grow my hair to a reasonable length in a relatively short time, because it is looking longer than it ever did during a period of one month’s growth. I estimate a growth rate for new hair of about 1 to 1.5 inches over the past 4 weeks.”

“Hair fuller and thicker”

“I got my mom to start using Mira Hair Oil as she has thin hair, and she can already see the results with just 2 months of use,” says Ross Lives. “Her hair is fuller and thicker and she notices fewer split ends. It even makes the hair shine more than ever.”

“Grew 1.5 inches in 2 weeks”

“I bought Mira Hair Oil because I needed for my hair to grow healthy and to stop gray hair,” says Melissa Dotson.“After 2 weeks, my hair grew 1.5 inches. I could not believe it!”

“I love my hair again”

Chris Blake writes: “I have used both the Mira Hair Oil and the Mira Shampoo 4 times now and I swear I’ll never use another product on my hair.

My hair has that youthful sheen again. It is beautiful. I love my hair again. I was even called ‘Hot Momma’ by some stranger at the store.”

“2 inches of new growth”

“I have been using your Mira Hair Oil for over 2 months now and my hair is in the best health it has been since I was a teenager,” writes Sharlyn Rakes, Aurora, CO.

“I have always had very fine blonde naturally curly hair that would consistently break off at the ends and seemed never to grow past my shoulders. After using Mira Hair Oil, my hair has grown at least 2 inches already.

The new growth is much stronger, thicker, and has more shine than ever. I have also noticed that the new growth has no gray!”

“2 inches of new growth”

Kerri Chewning says, “I could not wash my hair without noticing a dramatic hair loss. I visited a Harvard Medical School licensed dermatologist who could do nothing to help me.

When I discovered Mira Hair Oil, I used the treatment as prescribed and witnessed a noticeable decrease in hair loss after 2-4 weeks. I also noticed baby hair wisps around my forehead, where hair had previously receded or fallen out entirely. And the hair I had thickened.”

“Doubled in thickness”

Haelli raves: “I finally have hair now – and a lot of it. My hair has doubled in thickness and has been growing fast since I started to use Mira Hair Oil. Even the patches of loss have started to appear after being stubborn.”

“Hair grows faster”

Mira Hair Oil will change your hair,” raves Rebecca Wheeler, Darwin, Australia. “It will become super shiny, bouncy, and thick. Your color will be brighter, your hair will be easier to manage, and it will grow faster. Mira Hair Oil does everything it promises! I will never be without it.”